PAServes Coordination Center

IVMF’s newest employee Matt Feldhaus made his first visit to the Pittsburgh community this past week! He will be leading the PAServes program moving forward. Below are a few shots from his trip.


“What makes the AmericaServes initiative unique is the focus on the community and getting to know the people. I got a great chance to meet Ben from Veterans Leadership Program of Western PA, one of our Providers in the PA Serves network.”


“I attended the Pittsburgh Community Engagement Board in downtown Pittsburgh, which was an opportunity to bring together key leaders and stakeholders in the veterans community to discuss the landscape and inspire innovation. It was a a valuable learning experience and deepened my understanding of the Pittsburgh environment. It was great to see how many leaders from different organizations came together upon a common goal of inspiring change and deepening our understanding.”


“I got a chance to visit with Pittsburgh Mercy and the PAServes coordination center. Always important to build solid relationships grounded in the community. Great meeting Michaela, Dave, and Jean.”