PAServes: 3rd Quarter In Progress Review

Yesterday, PAServes: Greater Pittsburgh hosted their 3rd Quarter In Progress Review. Below, IVMF Program Manager Matthew Feldhaus describes his experience at the event:


Misty Hawk from the VHA, Pittsburgh’s most engaged provider (makes and receives most referrals) speaking and sharing her experience with her team and the value they find in participating in PAServes. During our deep dive of provider engagement, we took a look at the VHA in Pittsburgh, and showcased how other networks have contacted them to try and learn best practices and such.


Myself and Mark Schiemer, presenting various material during the IPR. We both tried to balance the speaking roles and our two styles really complimented each other well. We both wanted to engage the audience and asked questions, posed inquiries about insights, and wanted to create dialogue throughout the IPR.

veteran services

Jean Coyne, Director of PAServes, kicked off the IPR with introductions, thanks and gratitude for all participants and providers, and made a lot of effort with her team to reach out to local media and such to get some news coverage.  (will share the links and news postings when I see them. Jean ensured that her entire team was given chances in the spotlight, and her pride in her work and her team was clear.

helping veterans

Jen DeLucia and myself, added an element of AmericaServes: A national movement, to the PAServes IPR, to showcase and highlight how PAServes is a vibrant part of this larger, national movement shaping up across the country. Jen, having insights and leadership within the entire AmericaServes program, added her experience and national scope to showcase and highlight these areas as a new aspect to the IPR. Jen’s diverse experiences and education added unique perspectives throughout the IPR.