June Trip To PAServes

Below are some photos and brief descriptions of Jen DeLucia and Matt Feldhaus’s trip to meet with various providers of PaServes, meet with the CC, and just really showcase the partnership and team mentality of IVMF and the AmericaServes program. It’s always important to maintain relationships. Jen and Matt met with 3 area providers, the CC team and spoke on the phone with an additional 2, all from the PaServes network.


Mark and Jean from PaServes getting interviewed by local radio station WDVE. Showcasing their brand recognition and organic marketing happening within the community.


Jen DeLucia meeting with Mark and Jean, visiting the coordination center and discussing strategy, metrics, and upcoming IPR. Jen leads the community services and leads by example, getting out in community and meeting with providers, coordination centers, and listening to their needs.


Here is Matt meeting with Dave and Michaela from the CC, talking about the upcoming IPR, PaServes and veterans events in the near future.